Going Green Campaign

World Environment Day, Going Green Campaign

Based on the principle of shared responsibility, Green Touches works to achieve their mission which is to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in commercial and domestic cleaning.  On the occasion of World Environment Day June 5th2016, Green Touches cleaning services will introduce their ‘Going Green Campaign’.  For the month of June, selected areas in Dubai will receive a free green cleaning following our ‘Green Cleaning Programme’.  Green Touches created this awareness campaign to share the benefits of chemical free cleaning.

Nature has created everything needed to make your home clean and healthy.  There is simply no need to use unnatural products which imbalance the eco-system and contribute to allergies and illnesses.  Green cleaning is simply the smart choice.  Green Touches ecological cleaning services will put you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.  Join our ‘Going Green Campaign’ on Facebook & Twitter to win our free services. 

Our Environment unites us